How to Study and Prepare for the Real Estate Licensing Exam in the United States


Every state requires that all real estate agents be licensed and to take and pass a state examination. You need to cover a lot of information in preparation for the test, but your efforts are well rewarded with an exciting career.

The process of becoming a licensed professional in the real estate industry differs from state to state as well as from country to country. Most real estate agents and brokers are required to have certain number of hours of pre-licensing education and, in some cases, experience to become fully licensed.

Study Tips Prepare You for the Real Estate Licensing Exam:

Be selective in taking advice. If you are going to ask other agents what they remember of the test, ask those that took their real estate license exams in the last few months and in the same state that you are taking your test in. Memories falter and tests change, so if you are going to ask for advice at least get the most current test takers.


Check exam training dates. Tests change over time as the real estate market adapts, and also discourages questions and answers from being shared. Look for published study guides that are recent, either online, your local library, or book store.

Study specifically for things that will be on the test. You will have plenty of time after you have your license to expand your knowledge and expertise. Focus now on locating study materials or courses that are designed for passing the exam. If you are considering a pre-exam prep course, find out their first time passing success rate. Some offer free re-training if you fail the first time around.

Read it, know it, skip it. Good testing taking practice is to answer the questions you know, while not getting bogged down time-wise on those that you are not sure about. Many exams are taken digitally on computers, and they usually make it easier to mark and come back to questions you have skipped. If you know it, answer it. If you are not sure, move on. It may surprise you how a related question further along in the test will help you with the answer to one that you had skipped previously.


The old stand-by advice still works and should be applied– get a good night’s sleep and arrive early and fresh. It’s rare that the midnight oil helps if it’s the midnight before the test! Get plenty of sleep and your mind will be ready for the exam.

Develop a study plan or study with friends. There are many methods and techniques. Find one that works best for you. Others include forming a study group or using flash cards to help you remember important materials. This will help to increase your chances in remembering information as it can bring in new ideas and keep things fun. Bear in mind if you are studying with friends or in a group not to lose track of the studying part.

Recite and memorize paragraphs. In other words, if you read a paragraph and you did not understand it, then go back and read it again, until you can close your eyes or the book and tell yourself what you just read! If necessary, ask a friend or family member to read the paragraph and have them tell you what they understood. Sometimes a fresh and different perspective may be all that is needed to help you understand the concepts.

Study outside of your home. Go to a library or coffee shop – wherever you know you will not be distracted and will be able to concentrate.

Don’t Give Up!

Preparing for the Real Estate Licensing Exam does not have to be a daunting experience. As long as you develop healthy and positive habits to apply towards your studying materials, you will do well and pass the exam. Envision your future as a successful Real Estate agent and finally live your dream!