Obtaining a Real Estate License in Wyoming


Home to historic Yellowstone National Park and plenty of ambling, mountainous countryside, Wyoming beckons thousands of visitors each year to experience incredible natural beauty. Despite its status as the least populous state, realtors in this area should feel confident about their prospects, as Wyoming has steadily increased in population over the last ten years. This means that realtors can expect steadily clientele, and people interested in the real estate profession here should not hesitate to get started. Overseen by the Wyoming Real Estate Commission, realtors in Wisconsin must adhere to certain prerequisites and regulations in order to become licensed in this state. While Wyoming recognizes different levels in the realty profession, the purpose of this article is to inform those unfamiliar with the profession how to get a real estate license in the state of Wyoming. As such, it will speak directly to a real estate salesperson license and its qualifications.

Basic Prerequisites

The Wyoming Real Estate Commission has outlined certain prerequisites for obtaining a real estate license in this state. In general, all applicants for licensure must:

  • Take the Salesman I and Salesman II courses
  • Submit an official application with a $100 licensing fee
  • Submit to a fingerprint/background check
  • Pass the licensing exam
  • Obtain Errors & Omission insurance

Training & Education

The Salesman I and Salesman II courses are required in order to become licensed in the state of Wyoming.

Applied Measurement Professionals (AMP) administers the mandatory exam for Wyoming applicants. All applicants must pass both portions of the exam, but nonresident licensees who hold active real estate licenses in other states may qualify for a waiver of the national portion. AMP offers an extensive handbook on the exam requirements, and candidates should study this guide to learn about specific procedures. There is a $140 fee for the exam made payable directly to AMP.

Wyoming real estate licenses must be renewed every three years, and there is a continuing education requirement. All realtors must complete 45 hours of continuing education as follows: 24 hours of required core courses and 21 hours of electives. New licensees (those licensed after January 2011) do not need to complete continuing education requirements. In addition, first time licenses expire within one year and must be renewed at the end of the calendar year. A detailed FAQ page regarding renewals for the 2013-2014 year appears online.

Additional Information

The Wyoming Real Estate Commission does not offer reciprocal licensing, but it does waive certain education and exam requirements for realtors who are actively licensed in other states. They must have been on active status two of the four years prior to applying for a Wyoming license and submit the appropriate paperwork to be licensed in Wyoming. In addition, they must fill out a form regarding service of process.

Wyoming also issues licenses to associate brokers and responsible brokers, but the goal of this article is to inform those interested in real estate on an introductory level. In this case, a discussion of the Wyoming salesperson license meets that goal. However, individuals interested in a more advanced real estate professional career should peruse the commission’s website to learn more about specific licensing qualifications.

While the Wyoming Real Estate Commission handles licensing and regulation of the real estate profession in the state, other entities exist that regulate licensing and codes of ethics on a national and international basis. Two important organizations, the National Association of Realtors and the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO), promote uniform codes of conduct and professionalism for real estate agents and realty entities worldwide.

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